Luminous Jacket Great for EDC

Luminous Jacket from LumiNight USA

What is LumiNight USA?

LumiNight USA is a business in the U.S. that sells LUMINEX  fiber optic material, light emitting fashion, decor, and fabric.  From lighted clothing, light up decorations, and more.  This amazing product is made in Italy.  We sell ONLY products made from LUMINEX material including fashion and decor that they design or we have a select number of designers in the USA that will work with this amazing material.

Please watch the video below that explains how the fiber optics fabric is is made.

Are you searching for luminous fashion and decor (fiber optic fabric)?  Are you wondering about the latest festival fashion trends for EDC Las Vegas and Burning Man?  Have you been searching for Luminex luminous clothing?  Have you seen the other luminous fabric, fashion and decor on the market?  LumiNight USA offers fashion, home decor, event decor, and anything your brain can imagine using fiber optic fabric and illuminates and shines bright like a diamond in the sky.

LumiNight USA, the US distributor of Luminex fiber optics fabric can help you create so many different items in fashion and decoration. Luminous running gear, biking gear, costumes, or safety products are some of our most popular items using fiber optic fabric with a very tiny but powerful LED light to shine through the fiber optics (as thin as thread).  There is nothing else in the world like LUMINEX fabric, and there is no better company to work with than LumiNight USA!

  • Are you into cutting edge fashion?
  • Are you looking to make a statement with luminous fiber optic tablecloths, luminous table runners, and more?
  • Wondering where you can get custom luminous shirt, luminous dresses, luminous pants, luminous costumes?
  • Have you thought about wearing luminous clothing, illuminating t-shirts, or other clothing that can light up as a uniform for your cocktail servers, promo shirts at events, etc.?
  • Wouldn’t you love a table runner at your Christmas or Hanukkah party that lights up and looks like stars twinkling in the night?

The fiber optic fabric is high quality and made in Italy.  The fiber optic fabric is durable, high-end, and luxurious!  You can purchase anything your heart desires to do with this luminous fabric.  You can purchase the luminous fabric and make your own creation, too!

LumiNight USA is NOT EL technology!  REPEAT LumiNight USA IS NOT EL (Electroluminescence) technology.  What that means is that we don’t light our product using a material emits light in response to the passage of an electric current or to a strong electric field.

Luminous curtains available at LumiNight USA

What is Luminex?

LUMINEX® is a fabric (non reflective) that can emit its own light. It is created with threads of every type and nature that emits light In different colors.  The luminous fibers (optic/sparkling) used in LUMINEX® are special “detectors of elementary particles” fibers used in the largest scientific experiments of sub-nuclear physics.

After numerous attempts and experiments, it’s finally possible to integrate a luminous fiber into a fabric, giving it its own brilliance.  The innovation can be used in many different applications, from the most frivolous to the most useful, in a multitude of areas yet to be discovered.

From night clubs to the entertainment business, to necessary road signs and safety accessories to endless furnishing solutions, or whatever the imagination can create or the market requires.

People, Businesses, and Products that our clients create using Luminex fiber optic fabric

  • Luminous Wedding dress
  • Luminous Cocktail dress
  • Luminous Quinceanera dress
  • Luminous Wedding Veil
  • Luminous Drapes
  • Luminous Table linen
  • Luminous Chair covers
  • Fiber Optic Fabric Purse
  • Luminous Exotic Dancer clothing
  • Luminous Stripper clothing
  • Luminous Runner’s clothing
  • Government safety clothing
  • Safety Fiber Optic clothing
  • Department of Transportation (luminous safety gear)
  • Musicians Stage costumes
  • Luminous Pageant dresses
  • Luminous Debutant dresses
  • Luminous Events
  • Luminous Decor Night Club
  • And so much more!

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